Writing an essay

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An essay is a small composition, in which the author’s impressions and thoughts are expressed on any issue or subject. The text may affect philosophical, journalistic, historical, literary, scientific, and popular topics.

Teachers at the university, organizers of contests, and olympiads love essays because this is a great way to develop creative thinking and to train the skill of writing thoughts. The work shows how a person identifies cause-and-effect relationships, structures information, and argues the conclusions.

How to write

The topic should be specific. In the essay, you answer only one question. It does not have a strict structure, but it is desirable to express thoughts in the form of brief theses and support them with arguments, facts, social events, phenomena, your experience, scientific substantiations, references to the opinion of authoritative personalities, etc. It is worth giving two arguments in each paragraph.

In the introduction and conclusion, focus on the main problem. In the first paragraph, you must mark it, and in the last, just draw a conclusion. To make the essay complete, try to link the fragments to each other logically.

Take advantage of the artistic-publicist style to the maximum. Do not be afraid to be emotional, expressive, and to show a sense of humor. This is how you show your personality. If we are talking about personal qualities or abilities, you can, for example, answer the question: “How does this distinguish me from others?” Referring to the words of authoritative people, explain why you chose them.

Try to impress the reader with bright statements and aphorisms. Do not be afraid to argue with yourself, clash with conflicting statements. Then the text will seem interesting and memorable.

The text must be written correctly. Clean it not only from spelling and punctuation errors but also from ambiguous expressions, unjustified repetitions, tautologies, and unsuccessful speech turns. Try not to use slang, cliches, abbreviations, so that the essay is taken seriously by the reader.

An essay looks losing if the text contains only bare facts. Illustrate statements with life stories. Otherwise, reading the work will be a tedious affair.